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Mp3Gain PRO is the ideal solution to correct and normalize volume level problems in your MP3 files.
The "formula" used by Mp3Gain PRO is completely novel, because, unlike programs such as Mp3Gain, allows you to "rearrange" the volume levels of any mp3 file. Mp3Gain PRO does not change the volume level of a song in a uniform way, as classic programs did. Mp3Gain PRO do not simply scan the entire song, trying to identify the volume peaks, just to amplify the entire song at an overall new volume level. This method does not provide the results required to solve volume level problems for modern equipment or situations. Mp3Gain PRO acts in a completely new way, doing a thorough analysis of every millisecond of every song. It also analyzes each frequency, by detecting the internal dynamics of volume. To adjust fine, thousands of times per second, the volume levels of each frequency and each instrument (or vocals), so the end result is bright and clear. Mp3Gain PRO is designed to improve the sound quality of MP3 files so that they have the best sound quality. Mp3Gain PRO is ideal to adjust your mp3 files to an improved volume level and quality suitable for modern portable players. Its a new concept in mp3 normalization. Download the trial version of Mp3Gain PRO and enjoy music like never before.
Mp3 Normalizer algorithm
The new algorithm of Mp3Gain PRO for mp3 normalizer is completely revolutionary, then analyzes each millisecond of each mp3 and each is set (mp3 normalized) for better performance in volume. So the correct name for this function is Mp3 Normalizer, by normalizing each mp3. Taking the volume of mp3 the best possible condition, with the volume at its best performance. Because the digital reproduction of music and performance is a matter of trying to get with this software the best performance for your mp3s. Every second of an average mp3, has 44.100 samples, being more than 7 million samples in a 3 minute mp3. Each is analyzed and adjusted, normalized and increased by our software.
That is what we call Mp3 Normalizer.
Mp3 Normalizer for you.
In fact what this new Mp3 Normalizer algorithm is that the sense of normalizing has changed. The songs will not sound just like they have increased their volume or have processed a volume booster, but what I heard is that once the volume has acad sdo set, not the full song h was amplified globally, but is adjusted each millisecond (literally). In fact not all frequencies were affected the same way on the volume, some more than others, to achieve perfect normalization. That's an Mp3 Normalize and this new millennium.

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This document has been translated from its original Central European language, we are working on debugging the translation. Thank you.

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